NurtureChi – Optimizing Your Energy should be Easy!

NurtureChi is excited to announce its official launch with the introduction of the company’s Be Bare & Be Brave Positive Energy Bars.

This launch will set in motion its goal to deliver positive energy products to customers across the U.S.  NurtureChi’s mission is to help people optimize their personal energy and to inspire paths to healthy living.

Crafted with 100% plant-based ingredients, NurtureChi bars have only 12g of fruit-based sugar and 20g of net carbs to keep consumers feeling full and fueled when they need it most. Debuting in two decadent options – Be Bare and Be Brave – they are conveniently packaged for on-the-go snacking and come in both whole fruit/nut (Be Bare) and ground (Be Brave) form. The bar is crafted with berries, flowers, and roots traditionally used to uplift the spirit, along with nature’s finest fruits, nuts, seeds, and hemp to support sustained energy.

What makes it a POSITIVE Energy bar?  I think our wrapper says it best, “Combines berries, flowers and roots traditionally used to uplift the spirit with nature’s finest fruits, nuts, seeds and hemp to support sustained energy.*”

What about “NurtureChi”?  Well, our company name came from the desire to optimize (nurture) my energy (Chi – life force energy).  To have something more than just nutritious, but to contribute toward overall wellness and perhaps beyond.

This fall, the company is expected to introduce its first energy drink specially blended for optimum energy, taste and satisfaction with a proprietary synthesis of nutrients to enhance mental performance. It is expected to be less than 30 calories and contain no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

“I’m so excited to introduce NurtureChi to the market and to help consumers get the energy and nutrition they need from real foods when they need it most,” – Shaun Gilley, NurtureChi Founder and CEO.

Shaun Gilley stumbled into the positive energy food market while on his own search for something easy, nutritious, and capable of providing lasting energy throughout the day. When not designing craft bars and drinks, Gilley works as a high school special education teacher.

The Be Bare and Be Brave Positive Energy Bars by NurtureChi are now available for purchase on Amazon.

NurtureChi, September, 2021